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Will ensure the safety of everyone regardless of religion or caste: Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal, national leader of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and chief minister of Delhi, pledged on Tuesday that the AAP government of Punjab would ensure the safety of everyone in the state, regardless of religion or caste.

Kejriwal said there was an atmosphere of fear among the people of Punjab due to sacrileges and bombings in the past.

People worry about their safety. “Yesterday a man came to see me and told me I was a Hindu. There are a lot of security concerns on my mind these days. Incidents of sacrilege are disturbing. My family and I are scared,” Kejriwal told a press conference in Ludhiana.

He said that due to the pathetic state of law and order, the frequent incidents of sacrilege and filthy politics of the Congress Party-Bharatiya Janata on the issue of security of the prime minister have heightened fear. among the people.

“In view of all these incidents, I want today to assure all individuals and businessmen in Punjab, whether they are Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims or Christians, that the AAP government will take responsibility for the security of three crore Punjabis. In the AAP government, there will be no concern for everyone’s safety. The AAP government will be responsible for the safety of every individual, every trader in Punjab,” the AAP national official said. .

On the issue of smuggling drugs and drones across the border, Kejriwal said only an honest government was needed to make Punjab safe and drug-free. If an honest government is formed, the Punjab Police will work with sincerity and dedication and ensure the safety of Punjab and its people, he added.

Kejriwal said previous Congress and Akali governments were dominated by corruption and the mafia. “Money and bribes were involved in the transfer of police positions. Therefore, it was their (police personnel) compulsion to grant an exemption to the drug mafia, the sand mafia and other mafias. The AAP government will work with honesty,” he added.

“We won’t let them take any type of weekly money from people or ask them for a share. Then this same Punjab police will take action against criminals, corrupt and mafia and make law and order strict. The AAP government will severely punish all culprits and masterminds by carrying out a fair and independent investigation into all past incidents of sacrilege, so that no one can dare to commit such a crime,” the AAP leader added.