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The body does not correspond to the religion Indian Islamic Law

The body does not correspond according to the religion, so how to accept the marriage as soon as the rules arrive
In Islam, the right marriage age for a girl is considered after she comes of age. Then whether at the age of 15 or less. Even the courts are unable to declare such a marriage illegitimate because the marriages are in accordance with Islamic law.

The minimum age of marriage for girls in India is 18 by law. But when it comes to Muslim girls, the hands of the courts are tied because of Islamic law. Recently, the Delhi High Court in an order upheld the marriage of a 15-year-old girl. The girl’s family members were against it. Nevertheless, given the marriage of the little girl, she was allowed to live with her husband. The court also assured her that if the two wanted to live together, no one could separate them. In matters of marriage, etc., the law of Islam is different from that of Indian law.

The personal law of Islam says that if a girl has matured, there is no problem in marrying her. However, what is the age of maturity is not clear in this law. Medically, the girl is believed to touch puberty until the age of 15. But in practical terms, many girls start menstruating at an early age. In such a situation, according to the definition of Islam, whether they are 15 years old or younger, their marriage becomes valid as soon as they reach adulthood.
Believe it or not, people from the Muslim community, but people from other communities, while talking about the age of marriage, follow the fixed law. The reason for this is that the marriage age set at 18 was decided after much deliberation. It is likely to develop further.
Meanwhile, in 1929, for the first time, a law was passed regarding the age of marriage. According to the Prevention of Child Marriage Act 1929, the minimum age of marriage was set at 18 for boys and 16 for girls. Then, in 1978, the Child Marriage Act was amended. In this, the minimum age of marriage for a boy was raised to 21 and that of a girl to 18.
After that, the central government passed the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act 2006 repealing the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act 1929. This law entered into force in November 2007. Today, this law applies to all religions. However, the Enforcement of Muslim Personal Law (Sharia) Act 1937 did not prove fully effective.