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SS Rajamouli says Brahmastra ‘will bring Indian culture to the world’

years of preparationno film has been as anticipated as Ayan Mukerji’s mythological extravaganza ‘Brahmastra: Part One’. However, the latest boycott trend plaguing Bollywood threatens to derail the efforts of everyone involved in the project.

Perhaps that is why the SS Rajamouli, which is often trampled by the general public thanks to the Baahubali franchise as well as this year’s super hit RRRwas roped in to limit the damage.

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Stacked with a star-studded cast including the likes of Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Amitabh Bachchan,Chiranjeevi and allegedly even Shah Rukh Khan, brahmastra has the potential to be the biggest movie of the year. Yes, even bigger than the magnum opus of Rajamouli’s time RRR.

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Speaking to the press in Chennai, Rajamouli was lyrical about Brahmastra. He praised Ayan for the tradetelling the story of the ‘astras’. He said, “Ayan dreamed of creating a world we had never seen before — the beautiful world of the astras that we learned from our history, from our puranas.” He continued: “Children, we have heard of these astras but we have never seen their splendor.”

Rajamouli defends Brahmastra
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Speaking on Ayan’s efforts brahmastra, the ace manager said: “This is what Ayan has dreamed of. It has been a long journey since 2014. He was ably supported by Karan Johar, Ranbir, Alia, Nagarjuna and Amit sir. Thank you all for making me participate in this fantastic journey.”

What excites Rajamouli the most brahmastra? Well, he said, “Creating a world that Ayan created is not easy. Ayan created a power that still has limits. He provided the opportunity to create a greater villain and also created a possibility for the struggle for good to win. It’s not like a fairy tale. It’s like a commercial way of telling the story of the astra. That’s what I like about “Brahmastra” .

The #BoycottBollywood gang isn’t buying Rajamouli’s sales pitch, though. You can read the audience’s reactions below.

Amid all the hate, this piece of Rajamouli’s press interaction stands out. Speaking on how Brahmastra approached ‘astras’ in the film, the filmmaker said, “Ayan made sure that among all astras including ‘Vanara Astra’, ‘Agni Astra’, ‘Jalastra’ and “Brahmastra” – love is the strongest. He did not just say this fact in the dialogues, he made sure that his point of view passed. This love will prevail over everything.

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We hope that love will finally prevail over all the hate that is common these days.