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Saundh: Creation of a global label inspired by Indian culture | Way of life


New Delhi: This season, the Saundh woman rediscovers her creative soul by delving into heritage art forms and cultural experiences of a bygone era. She explores the medley of sounds, images and smells that is India through her travels. With its rich artistic heritage, our country presents itself as a “bazaar” of emotions, colors, textures and tales. From intricate and delicate Naqashi, feasting on stories of sweet winter flowers in the north to the daring and passionate “Dance of the Gods” in the south, she sets out on a journey to discover the magic and “rasas” of this touching souk.

Saundh, a luxury everyday clothing brand for women, is known for its amalgamation of unique design and contemporary silhouette. His latest collection for the holiday season – Kalp Haat revisits artistic heritage, capturing the essence of art and the stories that shape us. Our culture is a global confluence of religions, traditions and customs. These folklore references come to life on rich fabrics through digital iterations of classic patterns, surface embellishments, traditional embroidery and handcrafted embellishments.

A mix of colorful buntings in the wind, fanciful cotton candy, vintage bioscopes, the brand invites you to live a sensory experience with its Ganjifa, Thangka, Rogan, Saura, SohraiKhovar collections.

“Saundh as a brand stems from our love for textiles and our vision to create a global label inspired by India. We are trying to create a niche where the gap between branded clothing, aesthetics and affordability minimizes. Our new campaign, KalpHaat, is dedicated to our rich artistic heritage told in stories printed in contemporary silhouettes. We have all missed travel the most and this festive season we celebrate the urge to travel with the tales of Kalp Haat, ”said Sarabjeet Saluja, CEO and founder of Saundh.


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