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Promoting Traditional Sports, Indian Culture in Higher Education Institutions: Governor to V-Cs

Governor Anandiben Patel asked vice chancellors of state universities to promote traditional sports in institutions of higher learning and encourage music, art and drama programs illustrating Indian culture, during an online review meeting held here on Thursday. At the meeting, she also discussed cleanliness in hostels and administrative matters.

While emphasizing the promotion of traditional sports, she said that universities should give every student the opportunity to participate in these competitions according to their interests. For this, the teacher must give information about the games to the students and these games must be organized first at the college level, then at the university level, and later at the state level.

The governor suggested organizing the traditional interstate sports competition by the universities. She said universities can organize these events on the model of the traditional sports competitions held at Raj Bhavan last month.

She asked universities to promote events based on mythological Indian musical instruments, Indian music and theatrical performances. She said competitions in Indian art, music and sports should be encouraged in universities.

During the review, she said that the winning participants from the universities would be honored by inviting them to the Raj Bhavan.

During the discussion on cultural events, the governor said cultural programs should be held at all higher education institutions in the state during national festivals like August 15 and January 26.

She ordered that on the second day of these national festivals, university campuses should be cleaned up by organizing a campaign in which teachers, non-teaching officers and institute staff and students should participate.

She also gave strict instructions to make university recruitment fair and transparent. Along with this, universities have also been instructed to reduce the burden of unnecessary expenses by reducing the number of pages of answer sheets and getting the electricity meter in the name of the consumer agent or employee.

She ordered that details of improvements made to shortcomings found during the Special Education Officer’s visit to universities be sent for her perusal by last month.

Additional Chief Secretary to Governor Mahesh Kumar Gupta, Vice Chancellors of all Universities, Special Duty Officer, Education and other relevant officers were present at the meeting.

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The governor discussed the progress of the biometric attendance system at universities, as he proposed in April.

To ensure punctuality, teachers and other employees of all state universities and university colleges in Uttar Pradesh will be required to register their attendance through biometric machines.

In issuing the order, Governor Anandiben Patel, who is also chancellor of state universities, said biometric attendance will be tied to their monthly salary.

According to the ordinance, all educational institutions are required to make arrangements to install biometric machines where staff can register their attendance by fingerprint or face scan.

Arrangements should be made so that their attendance records are directly uploaded to the central server system of universities and colleges.

The governor further added that educational institutions can use any generalized software and hardware available in the market that is compatible with computers. The governor further ordered that data stored in biometric machines be properly protected and safeguarded.

She gave the necessary instructions for the rationalization of the electronic system, the proper maintenance of records, the proper distribution of diplomas, the disposal of waste, the arrangements for hostels and the establishment of good management.