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LAHORE: The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, the country’s main opposition party, on Tuesday, January 18, 2022, branded Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan a “religion exploiter” for using religious concepts and reforms only to cover up massive governance and economic breakdown in the country.

Reacting to Khan’s article “Spirit Of Riyaasat-e-Madina: Transforming Pakistan” in local media on Monday, PML-N leaders chastised the cricketer-turned-politician for using religion for political purposes and toxic populism.

“Really concerned about how the Prime Minister is using religion to cover up the massive governance and economic collapse that the country has suffered for decades due to his policies,” said the PML-N President and Head of the opposition to the National Assembly, Shehbaz Sharif. a tweet.

“Such a selfish approach will cause more damage to politics than people think,” he lamented.

PML-N Information Secretary Marriyum Aurangzeb said Imran Khan is an “exploiter of religion as he only uses religious concepts and reforms for political gain and toxic populism”.

“Imran’s article is like hiding in a mosque after committing a major theft. Imran’s shameless strategy of hiding behind religion and desecrating the name of Islam, Riyaasat-e-Madina ( the state of Medina at the time of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the sacred names are aimed at hiding its looting, looting, incompetence and incapacity,” she said.

The former Federal Information Minister said that only a “megalomaniac, selfish, stubborn and arrogant person living in denial could write such a self-righteous article”.

“Imran’s mental state of denial and desperation to save his sinking boat is revealed by this article after he ruined the country in three years in power,” the PML-N leader lambasted.

Imran and his government are the living manifestation of everything the Riyaasat-e-Madina was not and advised against.

It is rich that a person who is proud of his sectarianism and his hypocrisy has the audacity to speak of Riyaasat-e-Madina.

The leader remained asleep 20 kilometers from Murree, where dozens of people died, and still did not visit the families of the victims, should keep quiet about Riyaasat-e-Madina, Aurangzeb said.

She said it takes a delusional mindset and particular shamelessness to write about social justice after slaughtering 220 million people with unbearable inflation and rising unemployment.

“It was a petty and unsuccessful attempt to mislead the nation, Imran, the poster boy tried,” she said.