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Parents claim they helped school preach religion in Tamil Nadu town of Alangulam – Reuters

By Express press service

TENKASI: On the first day of school reopening, more than 75 students from Alangulam town and nearby villages along with their parents held a sit-in outside the Block Education Office (BEO) on Monday, reiterating their demand for a government school in the village of Keezha Kuthapanchan.

Some parents alleged that a government-funded primary school operating in the village was trying to convert students to Christianity by preaching the religion. About five years ago, some of the parents stopped sending their wards to school and organized local courses in Alangulam town, Thalaiyuthu, Puthupatti and Mathapattinam villages.

Based on their claims, Department of School Education officials had repeatedly visited the school to investigate the matter and rejected any recommendation for a public school, citing the existence of a school. subsidized.

On Monday, part of the school children demonstrated to demand a public school in the village of Keezha Kuthapanchan.

Talk to The new Indian ExpressArumugam, one of the parents said, “To get rid of the offer of conversion from the teachers of the aided school, we sent our children to schools outside the village. About 165 students from the school helped will not go to school until an announcement is made to build a public school is made.

The district education official, Subramanian, held peace talks with the protesters.