Indian culture

OPPO’s humans teach the nuances of Indian culture to their AI allies

Have you ever wondered which brains design the world of quirky filters, avatars and cool GIFs? The AI ​​wizards who designed our social media to be flawless and flawless. And many shared their reservations about artificial intelligence and a robotic future.

Meet OPPO’s humans who humanize artificial intelligence one Bindi to one code.

Saritha Bandaru is the Senior Camera Innovation Engineer at OPPO India. Born with a keen interest in the world of technology and innovation, Saritha works in the Research and Development wing of OPPO India. But it goes beyond the world of hard codes and rigid algorithms. Its vision, in line with OPPO’s mission, is to bring a human touch to technology-driven services and products that serve humanity.

She observed and studied behavioral deviations in OPPO’s Camera AI innovation project. She noticed that the algorithm did not distinguish between a spot, a scar, facial marks and a Bindi. And so realized the need for cultural appropriation, noting why it was important that technology didn’t paint all faces with the same brush.

Their latest video beautifully captures how OPPO is determined to push camera capabilities to deliver premium photography and videography experiences to its users. And in doing so, they also want to preserve and capture all Indian traditions and cultures.

Saritha and her team have successfully developed localized technology that enables OPPO smartphones to capture Bindi’s beauty and now she is visible in all photos.

OPPO has always thought about creating joyful experiences with the aim of helping people at the heart of all its innovation projects. He has made India a global epicenter of smartphone innovation with the 5G Innovation Lab and Camera Innovation Lab, located in Hyderabad.

As an institution, it believes in fostering an environment that embeds a culture of innovation and inclusiveness. Overall, OPPO India’s photo taking algorithm has become more localized and user-friendly.

We can think that it is only a Bindi. But OPPO is trying to revolutionize and humanize technology one Bindi to one code.