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Indian culture…, people gathered for the last rites of ‘Supermom Tigress’

Indore: Due to the attraction of civilization and rituals of our country, people are often drawn to this ancient country of the world. What they see in India, they cannot see in their country. In the Pench Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh, a tigress was called the queen there. Her name was “Tigress Collarwali”, she died recently. Her last rites were performed on Sundays with full rituals. This super tiger mom was cremated at Tiger Reserve Park.

Photos of the same were posted by IFS Parveen Kasavan on her Twitter account. He captioned it as “The funeral of Tigress Collarwali du Pench”. Where will you find such a view other than India? This ‘Tigress Collarwali’ from Pench gave birth to 29 young. Which was a record in itself. That’s why she was also called “Super Tigress Mom”. Social media users were surprised to see that a tigress was finally cremated. One user wrote that she looked like she was sleeping peacefully.

The tigress was 17 years old. She had been ill for three or four days, after which she died. She last gave birth to 3 cubs in January 2021. She made headlines in 2011 as she gave birth to five children at once which is very rare to see.

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