Indian culture

Indian culture needs further strengthening, says governor

It represents respect for all other religions, truth, universal peace and brotherhood, says Thaawarchand Gehlot

It represents respect for all other religions, truth, universal peace and brotherhood, says Thaawarchand Gehlot

Governor Thaawarchand Gehlot said on Monday that there is a need to further enhance Indian culture and heritage to instill prosperity in the society and events like Karkala Utsav should be organized across the country for this purpose.

He was speaking after opening the fifth day cultural events at Karkala Utsav in Udupi district. Karkala MP and Minister V. Sunil Kumar said Mr. Gehlot was unable to attend the inaugural event on March 10 due to concerns and reserved his entire day for Monday’s event.

Praising Mr. Kumar for his efforts to reintroduce Indian culture and heritage through his department across the state and also in his constituency, Mr. Gehlot said the prosperity of a country depends on its culture. and its heritage. Despite many attempts to wipe out Indian tradition and culture, they have grown stronger as India believes in universal brotherhood and religious tolerance.

The governor said religion plays an important role in maintaining social health, influencing all walks of life and creating belonging. It could be Bhagwan Buddha’s “Sangam Sharanam Gachchami” policy or Bhagwan Mahavir’s “live and let others live” policy and all religions in the country have spearheaded non-violence, brotherhood, truth and other virtues, he said.

Indian culture, Mr. Gehlot said, teaches people to respect each religion and guarantees unity in diversity. It represents world peace and could usher in prosperity across the world.

Mr. Gehlot praised Karkala as a land that represents religious harmony with Venkataramana Temple, Bhagwan Bahubali Statue, Attur Basilica and many others. Its stone artisans were world famous for their carvings.

Minister V. Sunil Kumar said in his address that culture is the foundation of the country which has been enriched by thousands of scholars through their writings and art. The Karkala Utsav was part of his plans to bring ‘Swarna (Golden) Karkala’ with comprehensive constituency development.

Kannada and Culture Secretary N. Manjula, Writer Na. Mogasale and others were present.