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India fought for culture, language and religion for 1000 years, but history was hidden – Amit Shah

New Delhi: Union Home Minister Amit Shah said on Friday that India has fought for its culture, language and religion for 1,000 years and it has not been in vain. Shah said the souls of those who sacrificed their lives in this battle must have found peace seeing India’s resurgence today. The Home Minister said so in his speech after the publication of the book “Maharana: The Thousand Year Crusade in Delhi”. Speaking on the occasion, Shah called on current writers and historians to leave commentaries on history and put the glorious history of the country before the public as a reference book.

Amit Shah said, “When our effort is greater than someone’s, the attempt to lie automatically becomes smaller. We should focus on increasing the effort. Commenting on the lie also spreads the lie. No one does not prevent us from writing our history. Now we are free. No one has attachments. We can write our own history. The Home Secretary further stated that if a society is to create a bright future, it must be inspired by its history, learn from it and chart its course by learning from its history.”

The Minister of Home Affairs further stated that there were many empires in history, but whenever the writers of history mentioned empires, they were talking about the Mughal Empire. He said that the Pandya Empire lasted for 800 years, while the Ahom Empire ruled Assam for 650 years. This empire was defeated from Bakhtiyar Khilji to Aurangzeb and kept Assam free. Similarly, the Pallava Empire ruled for 600 years, the Chalukya Empire for 600 years, the Mauryan Empire for 500 years, and the Gupta Empire for 400 years. Amit Shah further stated that Samudragupta for the first time showed the courage to realize the vision of India, but no reference book was written on all this.

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