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“I proudly say that I am a Hindu but…”

Kamal Nath said he was “proud” to be a Hindu but was not stupid. “I proudly say I am a Hindu but I am not a fool,” he said. (Image: Twitter/@ANI)

Photo: ANI

Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh Congress leader Kamal Nath said on Sunday that religion was not the basis of politics. “We do not consider religion as the basis of our policy. We do not make religion an event. Our religion is an event of our family, it is not a political event,” the MP’s former chief minister said.

The senior Congress official further said he was “proud” to be a Hindu but was not stupid. “I proudly say that I am a Hindu but I am not an idiot,” Nath was quoted as saying by ANI news agency.

Speaking at an event that day, Nath also accused the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led government of Madhya Pradesh of committing a “grave injustice” towards other backward classes as he claimed that the The state had only granted a quota of 9 to 13%. to OBCs in panchayat elections.

This comes a day after the Madhya Pradesh State Election Commission (SEC) announced the schedule for the three-tier panchayat polls.

“The BJP says it will give 35% quota to OBCs, but in reality it has only given 11.2% of the seats for Zilla panchayat members to the OBC community, 9.5% of the seats for the Janpad panchayat chair positions, 11.5% for Janpad panchayat members. and only 12.5% ​​seats for sarpanchs (heads of village panchayats),” Nath said.

The former CM further claimed that the OBCs had zero positions for Zilla panchayat members in 19 districts, zero positions for Janpad panchayat chairpersons in 28 districts and zero positions for Janpad panchayat members in 10 districts.

Notably, the state government has embarked on a process of rebooking seats as directed by the Supreme Court, based on the report of Madhya Pradesh State’s OBC Welfare Commission.

Official statistics on new seat reservations are not yet available in compiled form. However, Congress alleged that the new process only reduced the number of seats reserved for the OBC community.