Indian reservation

Human remains found in remote area of ​​Warm Springs Indian Reservation


Estimated to have been there for one to 10 years

WARM SPRINGS, Ore. (KTVZ) – Someone salvaging wood from an old wharf in a remote area of ​​the Warm Springs Indian Reservation on Monday discovered a human skull, some of the remains of which were believed to have been at the scene for one to 10-year-old Police Chief Bill Elliott said Tuesday night.

Warm Springs Tribal Police officers were dispatched to the site along Tenino Road on Monday following the discovery of human remains, Elliott said.

Officers met the citizen who called and said that while retrieving wood from an old wharf, they noticed a round object on the ground. Elliott said the Citizen said he rolled the article with his foot, when he noticed it appeared to be a human skull.

Tribal policemen secured the site and detectives conducted a quick search of the area “and located several other bones of interest,” Elliott said in a press release.

Warm Springs Police have notified the FBI, who sent Bend agents and their evidence response team to help tribal police deal with the site, he said.

A dead dog has been requested from another unspecified local agency to help search the area.

Although information so far is limited, Elliott said preliminary examinations by the medical examiner’s office indicate the remains have been at the scene for one to ten years.

Elliott said tribal police would check their database for missing or fugitives over the past decade, to make sure none were outstanding, and continue their investigation with the FBI.

Anyone with information that could assist with the investigation has been urged to contact the Warm Springs Tribal Police Department phone line at 541-553-2202.