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‘Ghost of religion’: Sunil Jakhar has a warning for the Punjab Congress | Latest India News

Sunil Jakhar said the ghost of religion/caste/identity politics will haunt the Punjab Congress in 2024 and beyond if corrective action is not taken.

Former Punjab Congress leader Sunil Jakhar has once again launched a Twitter attack on the party reeling from the recent loss of the Punjab Assembly elections as he said the “ghost of religion/caste/identity politics” will haunt the Punjab Congress even in 2024 Lok Sabha elections and beyond.

After Punjab’s Congress defeat by Aam Aadmi party, Sunil Jakhar criticized former chief minister Charanjit Singh Channi and party leader Ambika Soni and held Channi’s greed “responsible” for the party’s performance in the election. ‘State. He also indirectly blamed Ambika Soni for suggesting Channi’s name as CM in the first place, after Amarinder Singh came out.

Before Charanjit Singh became the first Dalit Chief Minister of Punjab, Sunil Jakhar’s name was also doing the rounds and if Sunil Jakhar had been appointed CM, he would have been the first Hindu CM of Punjab. However, at that time, Ambika Soni said Punjab should get a Sikh CM. To that, Jakhar had said, “Creating this problem between Hindus and Sikhs is an insult to Punjab, which has such a secular character. We have faced so many things in the state. It has returned to normal with so much effort.”

The issue has been raised again by Sunil Jakhar as the party reflects on the recent loss in Punjab. Jakhar said the perception Channi was trying to create about her “humble past” was shattered after money was allegedly recovered from her nephew’s premises. “Accept the truth. There’s a problem and you promoted it and now you’re trying to give it a good word,” he said.

The Congress blamed former Chief Minister Amarinder Singh for his poor performance in Punjab and Navjot Sidhu was sacked as Punjab’s Congress leader, along with party leaders from all states who went to the polls.

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