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Exclusive: Amid Azaan row, Isha Koppikar says ‘fighting over religion has become too big’ | People News

New Delhi: Bollywood director Ram Gopal Varma recently talked about the Azaan loudspeaker array and expressed his opinion about it. The director is known for his honest words and unfiltered opinions.

So, in an exclusive chat with Zee News, Ram Gopal Varma expressed his views on the controversy. He said: “I think we’re in a world where everyone has the right to have their voice heard. There are many technical mediums, through social media, through YouTube, where people can have their voices heard. But Most people don’t have jobs. That’s why they keep talking. I don’t think anything worthy will come of this.

Actress Isha Koppikar, who is set to return to acting with Ram Gopal Varma’s “Dahanam” series, also spoke on the matter.

Speaking to Zee News, she said: “I would like to say that unless someone hurts you, you shouldn’t riot. Yes, if there is an authority that understands what is right and what is wrong, she can make a decision. But in my opinion, the fights for religion have become too important. We must respect each religion. If a religion prays by loudspeaker, it does not mean that we also start to do it. do just because they do.

For the uninitiated, Ram Gopal Varma and Isha Kopikkar’s “Dahanam” web series is set to release on MX Player soon. In the show, Isha will play the role of a fearless policeman.