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Every Element Of Indian Culture Shown In Season 2

Arriving from the spirits of Shondaland, Bridgerton swept hearts with its first season. Recently, the show introduced us to the new debutantes of the Regency era, and South Asian and Indian representation in Bridgerton season 2 has become an essential part of the new season. From an Indian track used in the Haldi ceremony (an Indian pre-wedding ritual) to the infamous Masala Chai (Indian tea), the “Indianness” promoted by the Sharma family is definitely something to consider. Indeed, the pervasive Indian euphoria Bridgerton Season 2 episodes need to be discussed. Especially now that South Asian phenoms in a famous TV series have elevated Indian culture globally. Along with Anthony’s search for a new bride, fans have also discovered a whole repertoire of words and lore.

Bridgerton clearly understands societal and social class protocols. And to serve a wider demographic, the Netflix original series has done a great job of introducing new characters. while the other Bridgerton the characters brought the nostalgia of Season 1, the unique setting of Season 2 was a new ride. Here is a list of our favorite moments from Indian culture that have graced Bridgerton season 2.

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6 Haldi ceremony


The Sharmas represented all aspects of being an Indian family. In episode 6, “The Choice,” we get a glimpse of Edwina’s (Charithra Chandran) wedding festivities, including Haldi Ceremony, paying homage to her Indian roots. Haldi Ceremony has its characteristics in an Indian wedding. Along with the bride and groom, all the guests wear yellow during the Haldi event and put Haldi (turmeric) on the couples body.

The terminology behind putting the Haldi mask on the couple is to prepare them for their big day. In “Hindu” traditions and beauty books, turmeric gives brightening effects when applied. Since it is also called a magic medicine, a Ubtan (paste) is made with other herbs for the couple, so they stand out on their big night. In Bridgerton season 2, Edwina and her friends are seen dressed in yellow as they prepare for her wedding to Anthony.

5 The song “Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham”


In the same episode as the Haldi Ceremony, Bridgerton introduced a Bollywood track to elevate Indian culture and its element in their new season. In February, during a press release and article, Netflix announced the inclusion of “Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham”, a title track from an Indian film of the same name. The song played at Edwina’s Haldi ceremony and other wedding festivities moved many South Asians. The stage-aligned song holds significant significance as “Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham” originally celebrates times spent with family and the love they share. In the Bridgerton season 2, episode 6, we find the three Sharma ladies reunited for a family affair. Without a doubt, the inclusion of a polished new version of a Bollywood track made the wish very happy clan.

4 Use Indian language


Netflix and Shondaland did an appreciable job of representing Indian culture and values ​​in Season 2. Kate (Simone Ashley) and Edwina continuously called their father “Appa” which simply translates to father in the Tamil language. More than that, Edwina is constantly seen referring to Kate as “Didi”, meaning older sister. In Indian culture, an elderly person is not referred to by name, and even though the Sharmas reside in a foreign country, their roots still belong to India. Undoubtedly, Bridgerton stays true to its plot and setting, whether it’s Regency-era precision in Season 1 or Indian depiction in Season 2.

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3 Masala Chai

Bridgerton Season 2 Kate having tea

An Indian cannot live without his Masala Chai (special Indian tea filled with spices). Bridgerton season 2 saw Kate have a huge love for Masala Chai, just like any other Indian. Tea is also relatively popular in English culture; however, after witnessing the latest episodes of the hit Netflix period drama, we got our answer regarding the best tea. In a scene from the final season, Kate sits down with Lady Danbury (Adjoa Andoh) and bravely calls for English tea. Indeed, it’s true (we couldn’t agree more). Indian Masala Chai is infused with fresh spices (cardamom, black pepper, cloves), which gives it an intense yet fresh taste.

2 The head massage

Bridgerton Season 2 Kate and Edwina2

netflix surely did extensive research before creating the Indian elements in the new season of Bridgerton. It is a common practice among the Indians of champion (massage) their head with oil before going to bed. It’s been a tradition for hundreds of years, and people do it to keep their hair shiny, strong, and luscious. The quintessential Indian stress-relieving habit is also incorporated into the Sharma Residence. Kate is seen massaging Edwina’s head as the duo share a meaningful conversation.

1 Incorporation of Indian jewelry


Traditions aside, Kate and Edwina are also seen embellishing themselves with Indian jewelry. The sisters wear gold bracelets engraved with precious stones. Indian women, especially those from the south, are deeply influenced by gold and gold jewelry. The Sharma sisters – Edwina and Kate – belong to Tamil ancestry, naturally showing their love for gold.

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