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Even electricity had a caste, religion before 2017: Yogi Adityanath

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said on Saturday before his government came to power in 2017, “electricity was not available in Holi and Diwali, while it was available in Eid and Muharram”.

“Before 2017, did you have electricity? Now it should be available. Now it’s available, and there are no cuts. Before, it didn’t come, and now it doesn’t go away. One more thing: before 2017, even electricity had a caste and a religion… be it SP or BSP in government. The BSPs were even more expert in the matter. On Muharram and Eid the electricity would come but during Holi and Diwali it did not. Did it happen? We gave everyone electricity. Are there any complaints? asked Adityanath during a
rally in Fazilnagar constituency of Kushinagar.

“Five years ago the situation was such that every time there was a procession for Durga’s idol ‘visarjan’ (immersion), there was a riot. For small things, “goondagardi” (hooliganism) occurred and anarchy spread. Remember they did not allow a Janmashtami procession to move. In five years, no one could stop him, could they? asked the CM.

Adityanath said, “After the completion of the five phases on Sunday, the BJP will achieve majority, and after the sixth and seventh phases, the BJP will cross 300 seats in the state.” He said Kushinagar would give all seven seats to the BJP this time. “In this BJP storm, all the rioters and those who had abandoned us will crumble,” he added. “I would like to ask you if there has been a riot in the last five years in Fazilnagar, or Kushinagar, or in Gorakhpur area, or in the whole region. Where have the rioters gone? Should the rioters’ party return? Adityanath asked.

Speaking about the Covid-19 pandemic, he said: “Thousands of people have died due to the pandemic across the world. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, India has had excellent management of Covid and lives have been saved as well as livelihoods. Tests were free, as were treatment and vaccines. He asked people ‘if they are getting the double dose of ration under the dual engine government’ of the BJP in the Center and the UP. Adityanath claimed that “we have ended Encephalitis and Corona”, asking people whether or not they agree with his statement.

He said that an international airport has been built in Kushinagar in the name of Lord Buddha. “When Covid is under control, you can travel to any country in the world within hours. In the time taken to travel from Kushinagar to Fazilnagar, you will now arrive in Mumbai. And, in the time it takes to reach Lucknow d ‘here by road you will reach England,’ he told the rally.

He promised the people that “when the BJP returns to power after March 10, they will give free bottles on Holi and Diwali to all beneficiaries of the Ujjawala scheme.” “All women over the age of 60 will be allowed to travel for free on UP transport buses,” he added.

Meanwhile, hitting the SP, Yogi said on Saturday that they call themselves socialists but only the Saifai family thrives in the party.

Saifai is the hometown of Akhilesh Yadav, who heads the party.

Addressing a series of rallies in Ambedkar Nagar, CM Yogi said Dr Ram Manohar Lohia used to say that a true socialist should “stay away from property and offspring”, but “The slogan of these so-called socialists is ‘sabka saath, Saifai parivar ka vikas’ (support of all and development of the Saifai family),” Adityanath said, targeting the Samajwadi party.