Indian religion

“Education is the true religion of human beings”

Stating that education is the true religion of human beings, Babar Ali, who is credited for his teaching services to the poor in West Bengal from a young age, said he could not bear to see his friends picking up trash while attending school.

“I couldn’t tolerate the sight. So, I asked them to join me in the roofless backyard of my house,” he said during a speech at the Daksha College of Global Education Trust in Mysuru on Tuesday.

Mr Babar Ali, who is said to have started teaching from the age of nine to provide affordable education for the poor, was also recognized as the BBC’s “youngest headmaster” in 2009, according to a statement from Daksha College. “In the span of approximately 20 years, from 2002 to date, Babar has taught thousands of children at his Ananda Aiksha Nikethan school,” the statement added.

Addressing the students, Mr. Babar Ali said, “Get up, wake up and don’t stop until the goal is achieved. These Upanishad lines made famous by Swami Vivekananda continue to inspire me as a guide,” he said.

On this occasion, he planted a young tree and made the students aware of its importance. Representatives of Daksha College management, principal, staff members and students participated in the event.