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Congress tries to harm Hindu religion: Hardik Patel

Alleging Congress has always hurt the Hindu faith, Patel asked the party and its leaders why they were against Lord Ram

Hardick Patel. File Image/PTI

Hardik Patel, who recently left Congress, on Tuesday denounced the party leadership for its alleged “hatred of Hindus and Lord Ram”.

Patel’s remarks followed a statement by a former Congress speaker, Bharatsinh Solanki.

Addressing an OBC meeting in Ahmedabad, Solanki said: “The BJP has always used the name of Lord Ram for political purposes… He played with the feelings of hundreds of thousands of Hindus. With great respect, people had donated for the Ram Shila in the late eighties for the construction of the Ram Temple, but they never bothered to take care of the Ram Shila… He was discovered that dogs used to pee on the Ram Shila in Ayodhya.”

In a series of tweets, Hardik Patel said: “I also said earlier that the Congress party is trying hard to hurt the feelings of the people, they are always trying to hurt the faith of the Hindu religion.

“I want to ask Congress and its leaders what enmity do you have with Lord Shri Ram? Why do you hate Hindus so much? to make statements against Lord Shri Ram.

Alleging that Congress has always hurt the Hindu faith, he asked the party and its leaders why they were against Lord Ram.

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