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‘Bulldozers and swords given to people in the name of religion’: PDP leader Mehbooba Mufti

Srinagar: Speaking on the row of bulldozers, People’s Democratic Party (PDP) President and former Chief Minister of Jammu and Cashmere Mehbooba Mufti said Friday that religion was being misused to fulfill political aspirations. The PDP chairman further alleged that “people are given bulldozers and swords in the name of religion,” just like the neighboring country had given people guns in the name of religion.

“Our neighboring country was destroyed by abusing religion at that time. To this day, they bear the brunt of it. They gave people guns in the name of religion. The same is happening in our country. Bulldozers are used and swords are given to people in the name of religion,” Mufti mentioned.

Mehbooba Mufti also said that the Center tries to hide its inability to provide jobs, electricity or water by pitying Hindu-Muslims against each other. “They can’t provide jobs or do anything about inflation. There is a power and water crisis. So the easiest thing to do is to train the Hindus- Muslims against each other and talk about loudspeakers, hijab and halal. If this continues, our situation in the future will be bad,” Mufti said.

“Kashmir has become a laboratory”

Earlier this week, while addressing a press conference, Mufti said the people of Jammu and Kashmir were suffering as ‘bulldozers destroyed the constitution and democracy’. Highlighting the uncertainty of elections in the valley anytime soon, Mufti pointed out that “Kashmir has been turned into a laboratory” and there is no political process anymore.

“The people of Jammu and Kashmir are suffering as bulldozers have destroyed the constitution and democracy. We are not allowed to go anywhere. The leaders are deprived of their security… The political process has been completely destroyed,” said the president of the PDP. Monday.