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Big buzz! Gucci Sells Kaftans Inspired By Indian Culture Embroidery For WHOPPING Rs 2.56 lakh


Italian fashion brand Gucci is making headlines once again! Gucci is one of the luxury fashion brands based in Florence, Italy. Gucci’s product lines include handbags, ready-to-wear, shoes and accessories, make-up, perfumes and home decor.

The brand is now facing yet another backlash on Twitter. Reason: Gucci is criticized for its new line of Indian kaftans which it sells on its website at a “high” price. A caftan is a free size kurta worn throughout India.

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The caftans that Gucci sells on its website are inspired by Indian culture with floral embroidery on organic linen fabric. The caftan product ranges from $ 2,100 (around Rs 1.53 lakh) to $ 3,500 (around Rs 2.56 lakh), which is way too much for a kurta or caftan.

Further details of the caftan read: “Filled with influences from the 60s and 70s, the caftan reinterprets the aesthetic of the hippie movement with a new take on casual wear in lightweight fabrics. For this new iteration, the iconic Interlocking G pattern blends with a striped chain print to enhance the ivory silk fabric ”.

However, this is not the first time that Gucci has faced something like this. Earlier in 2019, Gucci faced a similar backlash for its “Indy Full Turban”. This Indy Full Turban was listed for sale on the luxury department store Nordstrom’s website for a hefty price of $ 800 (Rs 58,456). The Turban collection has faced huge reviews from around the world. He was also offended for cultural appropriation.


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