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Anglo-Indian culture in Munnar fades in memory | Anglo Indians in Munnar | Luso Indians in Munnar


Munnar: There were over 200 Anglo Indian families here and the facelift of the place was also a result of their efforts. However, most of them left Munnar after 150 years. Now, there are only less than 15 Anglo-Indian families left.

The majority of Anglo Indians were employed in the Tata Tea Company in Munnar. They moved to Kochi and other places in 2010 and quit their jobs for many reasons. Their change is a cultural loss for Munnar.

Came with tea plantations

The British who established tea plantations in Munnar brought Anglo-Saxon Indians here in the early 19th century. They were chosen for jobs in the fields because of their European lifestyle and fluency in the English language. Their second names included Mendes, Rodricks, D’Silva, Vegas, Pereira, D’Cruz, Lopez, Gomez, Miranda, Gonsalves, Pence and similar names.

Way of life

Anglo Indians had a unique style for their dress, language, cuisine, house building, social etiquette, social lifestyle, and other matters of daily living.

Different foods

It was the Anglo-Indian community that introduced food products to Munnar, especially Portuguese bread and bakery. Also several other Portuguese dishes like beef stew, beef vindaloo, pork vindaloo, chops without vegetables, pudding, Kuzhalappam, Avalosunda, Vattayappam, Sarkkarayappam, boli, etc.


The Luso-Indians, an Anglo Indian community, were the descendants of the Portuguese who came to Kerala on business in the 1500s. They have spent over 150 years here. Later, their leader Afonso de Albuquerque ordered their citizens to marry local women and start families here. The Luso-Indians are their descendants.