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‘AAP thinks Indians aren’t smart’: CM Himanta in polls, Satyendar Jain and more

Ahead of the MCD polls in the nation’s capital, Assam’s Chief Minister, Himanta Biswa Sarma had an exclusive chat with Republic, on various issues such as the upcoming polls, Satyendar Jain’s controversial massage video, the implementation of the UCC and the horrific Shraddha murder case.

Asked about Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal telling voters not to vote for BJP, Assam CM said: “I visited Delhi today. I saw Shastri Nagar flyover , I saw the corridor under construction in full swing. When I “asked the people doing all this work, they said it was the Prime Minister. But when I went inside the colony, I saw the pathetic condition there, and it is the responsibility of the Delhi government. The central government is fulfilling its responsibility, but the Delhi government is not. If Delhi CM thinks today that Mohalla Clinic is the best example of healthcare, then you can understand what the mood is.

Speaking on Satyendar Jain’s latest controversial massage video and the BJP’s political war with the AAP over the ‘physiotherapy’ video, Himanta explained, “First of all, the BJP has no asked Satyendar Jain for a massage, secondly if you are sick there is a hospital inside the jail where your treatment would have been taken care of The problem is that the PAA thinks Indians are not not smart enough.Indian people can distinguish between what is a physiotherapy session and what is a normal massage for relaxation.They might have come out and said it was a royal massage, and n anyone can get a massage from any of their fellow inmates. A candid admission from them would have ended the debate, but instead they dragged out issues like the Gujarat elections and the polls in the MCD.

“AAP, Satyendar was wrong”

Responding to Satyendar Jain pursuing his ministerial position, Assam CM explained, “My humble submission would be that Satyendar Jain did something wrong. He could have had the same treatment inside the medical. Now defending him , AAP has done another wrong thing.”

Meanwhile, the CM of Assam expressed his confidence in the victory of the BJP in the upcoming MCD polls and said, “This is a local election and our role is very limited, but when I am went to the North East Delhi constituency today, I saw huge euphoria for the It’s just an observation so I can’t say who will win or lose.”

‘Clear Case of Love Jihad’: Assam CM on Shraddha Murder Case

Speaking on the Shraddha murder case, Himanta said it was clearly a case of ‘Love Jihad’ and added, “There have been media reports that he (Aaftab ) used to meet a lot of other hindu girls. These are the things in the media. This is a clear attempt to exploit a woman to the maximum and cut her body into 35 pieces. By the time the body of the girl was in the fridge, you called another girl These are things that we have never heard of, and these things are foreign to our culture.

When asked why the BJP is not bringing forward a UCC bill during the winter session of Parliament if they want to implement it, Sarma said, “I think the same issue has been raised during the Ram Mandir that if the BJP has committed to the Ram Mandir why they did not enact a bill and complete the process.The same question was raised during Section 370. The BJP has accomplished all these things.

“If our leader mentioned the UCC and you saw the UCC commitment in our election manifesto, I’m sure that will be accomplished,” he added.