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A panel will be formed to study the origin and evolution of Indian culture: Minister of the Union | India News


MADURAI: It was decided to reconstitute the “committee for the holistic study of the origin and evolution of Indian culture since 12,000 BP (before present) and its interface with other cultures of the world”, said Culture and Tourism Minister G Kishan Reddy in his response to anonymous questions posed by Madurai MP Su Venkatesan on the first day of Parliament’s monsoon session on Monday.
The minister said the previous committee that was set up in 2016 only held two meetings, on January 3 and May 2, 2017.
“When reconstituting the committee, all suggestions on membership diversity would be duly taken into account,” he added.
Venkatesan had asked whether the Union government planned to dissolve the 16-member committee criticized for its lack of diversity in order to ensure fair representation in diversity.
Venkatesan told reporters on Tuesday that the previous committee had no representation from southern India, northeast India, minorities, Dalits and women. The MP raised the issue in parliament on September 14, 2020. He added that almost all of the committee members are from the creamy layer of the caste table and North India.
On September 23, a representation for diversity was presented to the President of India by 32 MPs from across India.
Venkatesan called the minister’s response on Monday a victory for the efforts of the 32 lawmakers. However, he said the government’s intention in this regard should be carefully monitored and debated. Awareness should be created about the Union government’s efforts to distort history and attack diversity, he added.